The Growth Probability Matrix™ cuts through the overwhelming amount of business advice out there. It recommends that a focus on just two fundamental levers will dramatically improve your chances of success.

The Matrix has evolved into the popular Quarterli® management tool and its founder, Mike McKenzie, remains active as a business coach, both face to face and online.

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What it does

The Matrix draws a crucial distinction between the growth potential of your business and the ability of the senior team to unlock this potential. Both are key to shareholder value but one is often (subconsciously) prioritised over the other.

A short introspection, based on 13 Growth Probability Indicators, helps you reflect on your chances of success, determine your position on the Matrix and explore what might be holding you back.

Who it’s for

It will help those who are thinking of selling up or raising funds but it is not just for them: It’s for anyone who aspires to grow and increase shareholder value.

It will be of some use to start-ups but is of most benefit to established organisations that have achieved a level of success and want more. These might be 3 or 30 years old, employing 20 or 2,000 people; each will have grown to a size where a meaningful senior team exists.

How it helps

The simplicity of the Matrix helps bring clarity to your thinking, even when embroiled in the day to day. This means you make better decisions.

Once adopted by the whole senior team, it brings a common language and establishes a shared view of where the business stands today and what needs to change. It encourages a quarterly rhythm that changes the way the team think, speak and act and dramatically improves your chances of success.

What are your chances?

Discover where you are on the Growth Probability Matrix™.

Where do you and your team excel?  What might be holding you back?

Will the rest of the senior team share your views?

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