Diets rarely work... 

There's no shortage of useful models and advice available out there. If applied correctly, they can really help your business grow. Yet, I rarely see them being used effectively by a senior management team. That's not for lack of trying on their part.

It's a bit like being on a diet. Diets rarely work; it’s virtually impossible to integrate them into a sustainable daily routine, so they are soon forgotten.

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Why I created the Matrix

I often see business leaders coming back from a course or raving about a book on leadership, innovation or culture change. Other times, they've stumbled upon a 'health check' that has diagnosed what they need to do to improve sales, marketing, employee engagement or cashflow.

Whatever the trigger, their step back from the business has left them focused and fired up to make the changes needed to accelerate the growth of their business.

Almost without fail, 3 months later, the day to day challenges dominate, the urgent has overtaken the important, the blinkers are back on and that fleeting moment of clarity and objectivity has been lost! (I have been as guilty as any of falling into this trap.)

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A bit about me...

I spent 19 years in leadership roles for small, medium and large organisations, before setting up my own Growth Management consultancy in 2012.

So, I'm not a 'career consultant'; I have the 'scars' that come from launching and leading businesses and combine that with over 8 years' experience of helping boards and business owners define, and then deliver, winning growth strategies.

I've worked in a wide variety of sectors, in roles that have taken me from Stafford to San Francisco. Whilst there are differences between these sectors and geographies, there are far more similarities. My clients benefit from the lessons that can be learnt and shared across these boundaries.

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