Managing Change

At the age of 17, I won a sponsorship with GEC and began my studies for an Engineering degree at Durham University. After graduation, I soon found that I was more interested in how people, rather than machines, operated.

So began an initial career in Change Management: I worked in and then led teams that delivered major change programmes across large organisations. Typically, this involved the restructuring of departments and divisions, often as a result of acquisitions or the implementation of new technologies.

This training and experience provided me with an invaluable grounding in what makes people tick and how to help them adapt and flourish in fast-moving environments.

Managing New Brands and New Businesses

My interest in Growth Management was sparked whilst studying for an MBA at Manchester Business School (awarded with Distinction in 2001). It was here that I learnt how and why many of the world's best companies either succeeded or failed in their attempts to grow.

Since then, I’ve successfully launched new brands and new businesses in the UK, Canada and the US. Whether as Managing Director, Marketing Director or Head of Products and Ventures, each role has had business growth at its core.

I've taken mature businesses into new markets, both organically and through acquisition. (I’ve also dragged them away from markets that they should never have entered in the first place!). Whilst I can’t claim to have got every decision right, I’ve had a pretty good run and learnt a great deal from every success and failure.

increasing clarity and Confidence

In early 2012, I decided to work for myself and help a wide variety of organisations, big and small. Since then, I've helped business owners, CEOs, MDs and their senior management teams,

  • increase clarity and confidence in their growth strategy
  • execute that growth strategy (and 'course correct' as required)
  • strengthen their existing propositions
  • create new offers in existing and adjacent markets

I'm a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM), a registered Growth Mentor with Manchester Growth Hub and a member of the Henley Centre for Customer Management.

In 2014, I was appointed non-executive Chairman of a UK tech company that provides Supplier Management software to global brands.

Making Change Stick

I believe that it’s possible for any company to introduce a structured, yet flexible, approach to growth; An approach that will maximise returns in the core business and deliver new revenues in adjacent markets. But achieving this takes more than good processes and theoretical models; it’s not just about a few brainstorming sessions or ‘offsites’. Sure, these can help, but their impact is limited without the ability to build momentum and change the way people think and act, permanently.

That’s why I created the Growth Probability MatrixTM and a consultancy that combines a pragmatic approach to business growth with the ability to make change stick!


I guarantee that the Growth Probability MatrixTM will bring a fresh perspective to your growth challenge. It will help you engage and inspire your team to achieve profitable and sustainable growth.

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