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Trying to work 'on the business' is a bit like being on a diet. There's an overwhelming amount of advice out there on how to eat well, lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Yet how many of us fail to achieve these goals?

Diets rarely work; it's virtually impossible to integrate them into a sustainable daily routine, so they are soon forgotten. Many of us then get trapped in an endless cycle; wasting time and money on celebrity-endorsed fads or searching for that 'silver bullet' from the latest, self-proclaimed guru.

A Blast of fresh Air

It's the same with business methodologies and ideas. We're in a world where we are swamped with 'Content', and content about how to create even more 'Content'! 

It is getting more and more difficult to 'separate the wheat from the chaff'. Even when you have done this, then, no matter how powerful the technique or idea, and no matter how much you know it makes sense to adopt it, it proves impossible due to the day to day pressures of running a business. As a result, the exhausting cycle of 'in the business' activity continues, often interspersed with sporadic, half-hearted attempts to work 'on the business'.

A Trigger for you and your senior team

In both these scenarios, a more systemic approach is needed to reframe the way you think and therefore act. An approach that introduces a set of triggers that will encourage and eventually ingrain better choices.

I designed The Growth Probability MatrixTM to be that trigger for you and your senior team. It's not a crash diet, there's no impossibly strict methodology to be followed, nor is it an independent appraisal of how good or bad you are compared to others. It simply provides that 'blast of fresh air' that every business leader needs.

If used to establish a quarterly rhythm of 'on the business' activity, it will become a powerful tool for you and your senior team; giving you greater clarity and objectivity when it comes to growing your business. Over time, it will change the way you and your team think and act and help you maximise your chances of success.


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