Leading your business through the pandemic.

Mike McKenzie | 3/4/20 Blog

I’ve been working with over 20 different SME business owners since ‘lockdown’.

Many are exhausted but I fear the hard work has only just begun; their existing structures and routines simply aren’t built for this situation.

That's why I’ve created a simple framework that has now been adopted by many of these businesses. It’s based on these key assumptions: 


  • Things will continue to change rapidly, both on the run-up to the COVID-19 peak and once we’re past the initial peak.


  • Modelling suggests that there may then be several peaks and troughs over the next 12-18 months.


  • This means important decisions will need to be made almost daily. Not just on the downturns (damage limitation) but also on the upturns (being quick out of the blocks).


  • You can’t assume that you are immune to the virus. This means that crucial decisions may have to be taken by others, without your input and approval.


  • So, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that you keep your senior team fully informed and on the same page.


  • Normal rules and routines do not apply; a new routine is needed to support timely, well-informed decision-making throughout the pandemic.


My suggested review structure and weekly routine are laid out in a simple PowerPoint presentation that business owners can adapt and use with their teams.

It seems to be helping many SME owners/leaders bring some structure to the uncertainty and reduce stress levels a little. Crucially, it also means their businesses can make timely decisions, even if they are temporarily unavailable.

I’m hoping it might help other business owners, so I’m sharing it here. Just click on the image below and the PowerPoint will download immediately.


Outline Title Slide.png