Growth Probability and the Business Growth Hub

Mike McKenzie | 4/10/17 News

McKenzie Growth Management has been selected by the Business Growth Hub to help them deliver a fully-funded Executive Development Programme across Greater Manchester.

The Hub’s Executive Development Programme has proven highly effective with 500 out 596 participating companies showing a direct increase in Gross Value Added, 550 new jobs created and 20 new-to-company products developed as a direct result of participation.


MDs, CEOs and business owners of eligible Greater Manchester companies can work with Mike to pilot the Growth Probability MatrixTM at no cost to their business. 

During the three-month Executive Development Programme, they will be able to 

  • Learn about Growth Probability™ and the two fundamental levers that can be used to improve Shareholder Value.
  • Reflect on their chances of success, using 13 Growth Probability Indicators (GPIs) to determine their position on the Growth Probability Matrix, highlight their strengths and identify what might be holding them back.
  • Adopt a quarterly rhythm that will help them, and their senior team, work ‘on the business’ not just in it and improve their Growth ProbabilityTM.

Click here to find out more about eligibility for the fully-funded programme.


What are your chances?

Discover where you are on the Growth Probability Matrix™.

Where do you and your team excel?  What might be holding you back?

Will the rest of the senior team share your views?

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