“Mike never professed to know our business better than we did; instead, his skill was in drawing out 'light bulb’ moments from the senior team.”

James Shelton, Managing Director

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"Mike’s innovative yet pragmatic mind brought structure and clarity to a new, complex area. Ultimately, though, it was Mike’s ability to engage with and constructively challenge the whole team that helped us build momentum"

Cheryl Bennett, Programme Director

"Mike's approach meant that the senior team were finally able to formulate a shared view of what made us distinct in our market and how we could best play to these strengths." 

Carl Adkins, Founder

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"Mike's work was extremely valuable. He brought a structured, practical approach to the trading opportunities associated with a Shared Services company. The Council Members were impressed with Mike's simple but effective strategic marketing methodology."

Lisa Quinn, Director

“Mike has fundamentally helped us change the way we think, speak and act. The business results are there to be seen - with further exciting developments ahead. I would happily recommend Mike to any business big or small!”

Andy Tyson, Co-founder and Director

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"Mike brings both creativity and clarity and combines this with the ability to make change happen at all levels in a large organisation. Mike identified major growth opportunities that built on our core capability and energised the senior team to execute in two new markets."

Barry Bremner, Director


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