"If you’re looking for clear thinking, pragmatism, and an unrelenting focus on business results, look no further. Mike is one of the best thinkers I know. I would utterly rely on him to unravel a problem, size an opportunity, overcome objections and define the art of the possible."

Annie Garthwaite, Managing Consultant

“Mike is an invaluable source of objectivity and pragmatism. He helped us reflect objectively on why certain things were happening and how we could address them. He was able to share and embed concepts that really helped the team see our growth challenges in a similar way.”

Rakesh Maharaj, Managing Director

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"Mike helped greatly in creating formal product marketing processes at Lagan. These were used in a variety of areas to help the senior team get clarity on the product investment priorities for the business – including those needing greater focus and (as importantly) those which needed to be qualified out."

Des Speed, CEO


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