The Growth Probability Matrix™ is designed to provide that ‘blast of fresh air’ that every business leader needs.

In a world where we are swamped with ‘content’ and pitches from hordes of consultants and self-proclaimed gurus, it brings a simple structure that helps you ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’ and puts you firmly in control of your growth journey.

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Growth Potential

Imagine if your business was sold today and a new senior team took over. What long-term value could they create from what you have built so far?

They’d inherit your established positioning and propositions, your processes and capabilities. They’d pick up your new product development ideas which would illustrate how you planned to compete over the coming years. They’d also inherit any skeletons that are hidden away in your closet!

6 Growth Probability Indicators (GPIs) help you reflect on the inherent Growth Potential of your business.

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Effective Execution

No matter how great your Growth Potential, it’s the senior team’s ability to release this potential that counts.

This demands focus, discipline and a commitment to action. It requires an ability to combine cash with the confidence to take (controlled) risks. It relies on the right skills and experience to make well-informed, timely decisions. Sadly, all this is undermined when the senior team starts pulling in different directions.

7 Growth Probability Indicators (GPIs) help you establish whether you and your senior team have what it takes to maximise Shareholder Value.

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What are the Chances?

The Matrix uses a unique algorithm to characterise your chances of success in a few simple words. It’s much easier to recall than a long “To-Do” list or a complex spider diagram, so it helps you keep sight of the bigger picture and focused on the things that matter.

It helps your senior team discuss and ultimately align behind a deliberately uncomplicated view of where your business stands today. Whether you agree that you are “Missing the Boat” or “Heading Off Course” or even “All at Sea”, a well-aligned senior team can prioritise actions to do something about it!

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Predicting your future...

It’s a simple fact that when a senior team has a shared view of the business - its capabilities, its weaknesses and its priorities - then its chances of success improve dramatically.

Conversely, without strong alignment and a shared commitment to action, you are ‘driving with the brakes on’ and your chances of success will decline.

The simplicity of the Matrix helps you gain senior team buy-in to working ‘on the business’. Together you can establish a shared view of where your business is today and what needs to change for it to fulfil its true potential.


Discover where you are on the Growth Probability Matrix™.

Where do you and your team excel?  What might be holding you back?

Will the rest of the senior team share your views?

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Growth Potential
Effective Execution
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