What are your chances of success?

Wherever you find yourself on the Growth Probability MatrixTM, the first thing to remember is that good or bad, this isn't an objective diagnosis of your organisation: It's your opinions that are being reflected here. So, take some time to absorb your results and take a look at some of the tips for the GPIs (Growth Probability Indicators) that you have rated as low.

If you're a CEO, Managing Director and/or Business Owner then a critical next step should be to work with your senior team to build a 'Shared View' of where your business stands today and what you need to do differently.

If you're not the ultimate decision maker in your business, but you've found the Matrix and the introspection useful, why not encourage your CEO, Managing Director or Senior Partner to take a look?

THE 5 Growth Probability Zones


1. Full Steam Ahead!

You have a great chance of achieving your growth goals! Your business offers a significant opportunity for profitable and sustainable growth and, crucially, the senior team has the ability and means to fulfil this potential.

If this assessment is correct, then you are in great shape overall. But markets change and new competitors emerge; so why not explore what you could do to move further towards the top right of the Matrix and maximise your chances of success?


2. Missing the Boat

Your chances of success are limited. Your business has significant growth potential BUT the senior team is not as able and/or effective as it needs to be in order to realise that potential.

This situation can be difficult for everyone concerned, but if this assessment is correct and you do not address it, then you are all likely to miss out on the opportunity that you’ve worked so hard to create.


3. Heading Off Course

Your chances of success are limited. You may have a strong, talented team but the business itself demonstrates little potential for profitable or sustainable growth.

If this assessment is accurate, then you must ‘correct your course’ by developing the markets, propositions and capabilities that can provide this growth. On the plus side, you have a team capable of rising to this challenge!


4. All at Sea

Without significant changes, you have little chance of achieving your growth goals. Your business has limited growth potential and the senior team is not as able and/or effective as it needs to be to meet your growth aspirations.

If this assessment is correct, then you must address this quickly. Start by reflecting on what makes your business distinct: Who are your most loyal customers? What are your most profitable products and services and why? Then build a small team strong enough to help develop the markets, propositions and capabilities that you need to succeed.

5. Treading Water

It's difficult to place you firmly in one of the main quadrants. This means that all four are possible over the next few months and you have work to do to maximise your chances of success.

If this assessment is correct, then you should focus on improving those GPIs where you’ve scored lowest. You could soon be 'Full Steam Ahead!'.


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