As business leaders, we are constantly reminded that we must “spend more time working on the business, rather than in it”.

The Growth Probability Matrix™ moves beyond these vague exhortations and provides you and your senior team with a persistent framework and a common language that will actually help you do this.

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The Personal Introspection

The introspection helps you establish where your business sits on the Matrix. You assess how your organisation measures up against 13 Growth Probability Indicators (GPIs); each critical to achieving profitable and sustainable growth.

The Matrix simply reflects your perceptions, so it’s not a formal benchmarking tool. Its primary purpose is to support an increased level of reflection that will help you prioritise critical ‘on the business’ activities and track progress against these on a quarterly basis.

You can choose to keep this to yourself or, better still, share it with the senior team.


This iterative process is not a magic wand, it’s a ‘small steps quickly’ approach that will increase alignment on critical issues and move your business towards the top right of the Matrix.

It starts with a personal introspection and then explores the views of the rest of the senior team. This gently surfaces different opinions and assumptions in order to help the team prioritise a handful of objectives. You then make, measure and celebrate progress before recalibrating, reprioritising and repeating.

This embeds a highly productive, quarterly rhythm that keeps everyone pulling in the same direction.

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The Matrix works best when it is shared with the whole senior team. Sign up to Quarterli®, complete your introspection, choose whose opinions you want to canvas and then invite them to undertake the same introspection.

Sometimes it’s not easy to get people's open and honest views, so their ratings and comments are collated anonymously. You remain in full control - only you will see the results and only you can decide what to do with them. But remember, the aim here is to start a productive, informed discussion, not a witch-hunt

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Setting Your Objectives

Most of us have been at quarterly or annual ‘off-sites’. It's where we take a step back, new goals are agreed, objectives are set and everyone returns to base, fired up to make changes.

More often than not, 3 months later, the urgent has overtaken the important and everyone is frantically dusting off their flipcharts to see what actions they should have completed.

The quarterly process is designed to address this and introduces four 'rules' that will help you set better growth objectives for yourself and the senior team.

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Discover where you are on the Growth Probability Matrix™.

Where do you and your team excel?  What might be holding you back?

Will the rest of the senior team share your views?

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