Building a Shared View

Once you have completed your personal introspection, I strongly recommend that you use Quarterli® to find out what your senior team think.

Every organisation's chances of success are improved when the senior team builds a shared view of the business; its capabilities, its opportunities and its priorities. Of course, you want to hear different opinions and have a healthy debate but, if that doesn't ultimately result in consensus and commitment, then you are 'driving with the brakes on'. 

No matter what rating you gave the 13th GPI, there is the potential for some surprising results. It's surely worth knowing this now and understanding why.

Fight or flight?

If you're an MD, CEO and/or business owner, then it’s worth recognising that taking this next step may involve stepping outside of your comfort zone.

“What sort of responses will I get?"

"How will I handle any major differences of opinion?"

"Should I risk 'upsetting the apple cart'?"

These questions are a natural, instinctive response to relinquishing a little control. Yes, there are risks but your job is to look at the bigger picture and build a strong senior team. Will asking that team for their views using a well-structured, quarterly process help or hinder that objective?

Take just 3 minutes to write down the pros and cons of building a shared view and you'll soon realise that you have very little to lose and everything to gain.


You choose whose opinions you want to canvas. This is typically the board or the senior management team but you might also include external advisors or an up and coming member of the management team - it's your choice!

Sometimes though, it's not easy to get people's open and honest views. It very much depends on your leadership style, the dominant culture and the traits of the individuals in your senior management team. Ultimately, the likelihood of a genuine response reduces if the person providing the answer can be easily identified: If you are 'looking over their shoulder' they will most likely provide the responses that they think you want to see.

Effortless and Anonymous


I created Quarterli®, to help you garner their views easily and anonymously. They don't see your individual responses and you don't see theirs (unless, of course, they want to share it with you). Instead, you will be able to see the average* of the ratings given and, crucially, the range of those ratings. Click here to find out more.


You remain in full control of what happens next - only you will see the results and only you can decide what to do with them. But remember, the primary goal here is to start a productive, informed discussion, not a witch-hunt!


*The Median is used rather than the Arithmetic Mean. It is more reflective of the view of your team as it is less likely to be skewed by one extreme result. However, you will still see that extreme represented by the 'Range' when you explore the survey results.

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