Your growth journey

Progressing to the top right of the Matrix may take years; in truth, you may never get there! Even if you do, changes in your industry or unexpected competitor moves will, most likely, prevent you staying there for long!

It's the overall journey and the quarterly rhythm that's important for you and your senior team. Stick with it and it will undoubtedly improve your chances of success and increase Shareholder Value.

The example below shows just how simple, yet effective this can be. 

WORKED EXAMPLE: Alignment - Improvement - Validation

1. First Team Survey

Imagine that the survey highlights a wide range of ratings for "DNA" (the 5th GPI). This means that your senior team do not have a shared view of what makes you distinct in your market and/or how effectively you invest in this distinctiveness. Until you and your team can understand why this variance exists there is little point trying to improve the rating. 

2. Improve Senior Team Alignment

You set an objective that is designed to simply get everyone on the same page within the next quarter. You might give this to your Marketing Director and they might agree to work with the product team to undertake a small amount of informal customer/competitor research and establish a coherent view of what, if anything, makes you distinct in your core market.

Once presented back to the senior team this helps the team coalesce around a relatively low rating. It's clear to everyone that a key capability has weakened over time as key personnel have left or the competition has imitated it.

3. Improve GPI Rating

You set an objective that seeks to improve that rating based on the shared insights that have been developed. There is now a consensus that you need to prioritise investment in this capability.

4. Validate GPI Rating

6 months down the line you might all be very happy with a shared view that your overall DNA rating is at least an 8 out of 10. You choose to set an objective to bring in an external expert or commission external research to ensure that the whole senior team isn't just deluding itself! This confirms that the investment has indeed had a positive impact and set you apart from the competition.

Two years later, a new entrant to your market tries to 'steal your clothes'. This time, within a quarter of this happening, the team survey brings this to your attention because your Sales Director's DNA rating is much lower than everyone else's.

5. Improve Senior Team Alignment

You set the Sales Director an objective to compile some evidence from the field to support his view that you are losing sales due to this competitor undermining your distinctiveness. This evidence quickly helps get everyone on the same page, so you can quickly start to address this competitive threat. 

And so, the cycle repeats...


I created Quarterli® to help you embed this process within your organisation, without the need for expensive consultancy support. Unique algorithms produce Alignment Scores and Growth Probability Ratings that can be broken down GPI by GPI. You can then prioritise critical ‘on the business’ activities and set and track Growth Objectives within Quarterli™. This approach establishes a highly productive, quarterly rhythm that builds a shared view and keeps everyone pulling in the same direction. Why not take a look?


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